Premium lucerne and meadow has been grown at Caythorpe for generations.


Making exceptional hay requires the perfect mix of art, science, technique and patience. Knowledge learnt and passed down through years of experience is invaluable. Combined with Marlborough's unique climate and our fertile soil, we have the foundation and reputation for producing great hay. 

We are specialist suppliers of equine hay products of the highest quality, and we also supply a number of stud animal and breeding enterprises throughout the South Island.

 To purchase or enquire about our hay products please contact us or email hay@caythorpe.nz 

You can also follow our dedicated Facebook page for hay - facebook.com/caythorpehay 


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We operate the only Arcusin Multipack in the Nelson/Marlborough region.


Small, conventional bales aggregated into packs of 14 significantly reduces time and labour required to stack and transport, while still offering the convenience and end-use ease of handling synonymous with small bales.

To enquire about contract hire of our Multipack please contact us or email hay@caythorpe.nz


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